Bitcoin executive sees more Cryptocurrencies going public in 2020

Gradually the demand and use of Cryptocurrencies are sliding upward. Adding to the same, the more of such currencies are coming in the market in the next few months. In recent news, this information has been confirmed by the market sources. As the demand for cryptocurrencies continues to grow across the world, several companies are planning to go public in 2020. This is a drastic move as it will build confidence about the legality of the currency among the general public. As the regulations with regards to listing an IPO in the regular market are very high, companies that manage to get listed will gain the trust of users in the near future.

Coinbase rumored to be exploring IPO

One of the big names in the US cryptocurrency market, Coinbase, is all set to launch an IPO shortly. Market rumors mention that it may come towards the end of this year. This is not a big surprise for many market enthusiasts, as many such digital currency companies are planning an IPO this year. As the overall economic situation is not very conducive, more and more people are getting attracted to decentralized currencies, and this is the right time to enter into public markets with an IPO.

Robinhood and Stripe planning for an IPO

Robinhood, which is very popular among trading enthusiasts, is also planning to enter the market with an IPO. Even though they are not directly involved in crypto markets, such tech startups, which are in the disruptive business, can have a huge impact on the cryptocurrency market in the future.

In the recent past, we had seen official announcements from Ripple about entering into the IPO space. The executives had mentioned that this is a natural evolution, and more and more cryptocurrency companies will go public in 2020. Most digital currency companies relied on initial coin offerings, also known as ICO, that are similar to the IPO of stock markets. However, this did not have credibility as the regulatory process was not stringent, and many fraudulent activities were reported in the recent past.

In this regard, cryptocurrency giants are planning to enter the IPO space and prove their worth directly. Most currencies that were listed on Coinbase started booming, and this trend may continue in the near future if Coinbase itself manages to get listed on the public platform. Hence for those who want to trade in the same can have better opportunities.

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