Elon Musk And Bitcoin: A Toxic Relationship

The relationship between Elon Musk’s tweet and love for cryptocurrency is visible and known to almost all. In past some months there have been several incidents when the value of the concerned cryptocurrency has moved up or down in response to the tweet of Musk.

When Musk announced that Tesla would no longer receive Bitcoin as a method of making payment, the fame of Musk amongst those Bitcoin loyal faded quickly. People increasingly look upon him with apprehension and suspicion. Others look upon him with disdain, like Keiser, and thus the colorfully titled party.

In this article, we will know the entire scenario about the toxic or non-toxic relationship between Elon Musk and Cryptocurrency in the commercial world and present the same with some facts.

 Where did it all begin?

Three weeks ago, the CEO of Tesla announced that once clean energy objectives are achieved, the company plans to take Bitcoin. In other words, the business of Bitcoin Era and Musk is unresolved. Given how inextricably connected Bitcoin’s future is true with clean energy, Bitcoin’s future seems also to be uncompromisingly connected with Musk.

Presently, its impact on Bitcoin seems minimal, however, there is every reason to assume that this will alter. The form is provisional, but the class is perpetual. And Musk is a deceiver of the first class. Dogecoin or DOGE is an entertaining coin but it does not seem legitimate. On the other hand, Bitcoin seems to have a promising future.

Musk: Toxic?

By its definition, Jekyll and Hyde have a toxic relationship, in which at least one partner shifts between cold and hot. Getting into Elon Musk now. A day he bows and honors the Communist Party of China, the following day he calls a hero a pedophile on social media i.e. Twitter. Musk is unpredictable. He seems to be the only man able to match the innate volatility of Bitcoin.

Exhaustion and depletion are the routines in a toxic relationship. Musk is an exhausting influential, with reason to suspect that mankind, especially in the Crypto industry, will proceed to exhaust itself. Toxic relationships as well mean deception. A smart person, Musk is also likely to exaggerate and make empty promises. Since 2016, the high profile driving feature which does not exist has been charged to Tesla consumers.

 Brilliant but Unrestraint –

Musk is a mercurial businessman who wants to say something or do something to raise interest. He’s a brilliant man but he doesn’t have restraint. The word Musk isn’t the bond of his. The notion of truth seems highly mixed inside the world of Musk in actuality.

Peter Chawaga mentioned a kind of post-Musk world in a similar report, with Bitcoin liberating itself from enterprise intrusion. Chawaga noted, “None of them is more essential than the system, no matter what impactful in their fields.”

 Conclusion –

Elon Musk and Bitcoins have been in the limelight for sure but to define the relationship between Musk and Cryptocurrency cannot be easy as both carry the same characteristic of being “unpredictable”.

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