The 5 Largest Regulated U.s Digital Asset Managers Hold Over $46b Of Crypto

Holding physical currency is becoming an old trend after cryptocurrency has emerged. Despite the crypto been too volatile, visionaries have been looking forward to investing a huge amount hoping for a better future. Everyone has their own perspective on cryptocurrency, which may mostly weigh down on ‘risky’ calls. But, did you know, there are 5 U.S digital asset (cryptocurrency) holders that are currently holding crypto worth $46 billion. As the cryptocurrency is catching the eyes of more investors, these holders who have taken a call at the early stage are playing a very important role in increasing and improving the U.S financial industry. Let us now look into these 5 crypto kings and their stats holdings for crypto:

Pantera Capital Management:

Dan Morehead’s vision company Pantera Capital Management was found in 2003. Currently, its headquarters is located in California. The company has taken a huge interest in investing money in various assets such as tokens, shares, private equity and the most recent ones are cryptocurrency. They have announced a 4 billion dollar investment that was distributed among Bitcoin revolution funds, ventures, new emerging early-stage tokens, and finally liquid token funds.

Wave Financial:

Another California-located company, Wave financial, has brought great insight in offering investment solutions with a great variety of choices. Their main focuses currently are BTC income, Growth Digital fund, Select 5 Index fund, Active Hybrid VC fund, and Tokenized Real asset. They have recently added wealth managing solutions for crypto along with inventory management and protocol treasury. When we look into their total investment announced for the crypto assets is approximately 500 million dollars.

Grayscale investments:

A giant among the underdogs, Grayscale investment was founded in 2013. It is managed and organized by its parent organization Digital Currency Group. If we look into their assets books, they have a total 40 billion dollar investment in various cryptocurrencies such majorly Bitcoin (BTC), Etherum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), LiteCoin, Zcash (ZEC), and more. They have great insight in offering diversified portfolios and single asset products.

Bitwise Asset Management:

Bitwise Asset Management is a unique start-up founded by a group of software experts. They are situated in San Francisco. Bitwise company is currently holding almost 1 billion dollars of AUM, which is diversified in various funds. Their main investment assets are crypto index funds, Bitcoin funds, Ethereum Funds, decentralized finance CIF, and a lot many.

Galaxy Digital:

A well-spread company, Galaxy Digital has several offices across the world, this includes London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, etc. They have around 800 million dollars of AUM currently in holding. They are unique from other investors as they work on mining POW-based digital assets, POW means proof-of-work.

These 5 companies have given a major investment thought to crypto making new investors believe in the innovative decentralized digital currency. The main question is how long it will take for cryptocurrency to become a trustable funding asset for normal people. The volatility in this field is the boon at the same time the only risk factor.


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