Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum 2.0 Presents a ‘Much Harder’ Challenge Than We Thought

Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of ethereum, who acknowledged that ethereum 2.0 is really harder to execute in the view of a technical perspective which was very unexpected to him. The particular statement was released when Buterin was in a debate against Bitcoin maximalist, Samson Mow. It was a podcast debate on McCormack’s podcast which was held on August 16.

The aim of this debate was to talk about the open conflict between Bitcoin and ethereum. The debate talks about the potential of the ethereum network and it’s potential to deliver the many promises it has already made. The warfare is very much alive because the ethereum network is in conflict with Bitcoin and that is arising a lot of debate among industry experts.

What was the debate about?

The debate had a very intense moment when McCormack asked Buterin about his prior expectation over Ethereum. He made a statement that the Ethereum has shown its potentiality which must have bitten the thoughts of Buterin and left no option for him to turn back. On which, Buterin said that he feels the Ethereum 2.0 is harder than he expected it to be if tried to implement it from a technical-perspective. He also adds that they did not discover any fundamental flaw in it that will make it impossible, neither will it be finished. It’s a matter of time and the process is visibly quick.

Buterin also added that some ethereum applications might face failure at times, while others might succeed. This was said candidly and isn’t much serious. But he notices the ebbs and flaws in the project’s multiple aspects which are independent of each other. Buterin says that, if there

If ethereum tries and fails to operate in a particular space, it is okay and it will do away soon,  meanwhile, it will not affect its other sectors, because they are independent and will surely go on without any issues.

McCormack said that it’s okay to be pivotal and evolving in nature. He also stated that cuter it needs to provide a healthy disclaimer about the fact to make everyone aware of the ebbs and flaws. Still, now,  many forests know the actual value of the room, whether it is money or the world computer!  To this particular confusion, Buterin responded by saying that he is strongly opposed to the notion that ethereum can be reduced to money and also claimed that non-financial projects are a crucial part of the company’s project.

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