World Will Not Adopt a Bitcoin or Gold Standard, Says Peter Brandt

While almost the majority of financial gurus are heralding the arrival of bitcoin as the future king of the financial jungle, a reputed predictor of the market pattern disagrees vehemently. He believes that the global market may experience some new changes in the gold ratings but is adamant in his views that bitcoins or any other forms of crypto-currency, in general, will not ever be allowed to board the train to the land of global financial gains. The man seems unshakable in his opinions despite many other financial industry veterans that feel otherwise.

Why So Sure?

This acclaimed financial guru measures his words wisely. Thus his surety about this aggressive statement against crypto-currency is not to be taken lightly. The expert seems sure that the world will be nowhere near to return to a gold standard by the next thirty years. His belief seems to reside with the financial concept of unique drawing rights that are frequently abbreviated as SDRs. The reason for his opinion draws cognizance from the fact major fiat currencies are still a vital part of the virtual financial ecosystem. Thus it is wise to heed this trading guru’s warning before putting all hopes in bitcoins.

Disdain for the proud crypto-supporters

The expert in question has viciously attacked and expressed his great disdain against all the hubristic believers of the crypto-currency takeover without holding anything back.  He is clear in predicting his version of the market’s future, which will be heralded by SDR units, but the exclusion of bitcoins is imminent. The expert has given ample proof for his statement and has analyzed the market in a detailed and effective fashion to pit forward this controversial yet well-explained view. The dire times that the world has plunged into courtesy of the coronavirus pandemic is not helping the crypto-currency situation either.

Many hard-core believers of the power and genuine efficacy of the crypto-currency exchange market refuse to take his statement into account when it comes to their investments. Those who hold more moderate views seem to understand the logic behind his argument and have taken his advice to heart. But in the end, the fact remains that the trading market is not something that is known for its predictability. The winds may shift, the grounds may suddenly shake, and the values will wobble around like a desk-top toy. And with current increasing trends of crypto-currency, investors are still hopeful.

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